Effective and easy solutions for freelancers

6 Effective and Easy Payment Solutions For Freelancers

There are many benefits to working as a freelancer. However a common problem is the inability to have money deposited into your bank account. Here are a few good solutions to this problem.

1. PayPal
PayPal is the most widely used digital payment methods out. PayPal been available for over 20 years and just about everyone who does business online uses it. You can send and receive funds with very little fees. If you are sending and receiving funds with a friend or family member there are little to no fee. There are fees that apply to transactions as a vendor as well as fees for international transactions.  They also offer a debit card and they have the capacity to extend small business loans to qualified applicants. You can receive foreign currency and have it exchanged for a small fee.

2. Skrill
Very similar to PayPal, you can transfer funds to and from credit and debit card accounts. The primary perk of skrill is ts global diversity, offering more payment options in more countries around the world. One drawback however is the inability to use it for paying for online purchases in online stores.

Task Management, invoicing, proposals, contracts, expense filing, time tracking, and expense tracking are just a few of the features offered by AND.CO. This application is smartphone-based and allows you to save time and focus more on the work that you love. The application allows you to create invoices, track payments, as well as keep up with clients billing schedules. AND.CO also will connect with your clients business banking accounts and will automatically reconcile, track, and categorize expenses. They have the ability to facilitate a portfolio of services like simplifying invoicing which can in turn simplify tax time.  They serve as a personal chief operator, and provide automated tracking of expenses as well as advice on deductions.

4. Payoneer
Another option designed for a global business base, Payoneer operates in 200 countries and over 150 currencies. Payoneer gives you the ability to withdraw funds from Payoneer and deposit them locally. Prepaid Mastercard is another benefit offered by Payoneer.

5. Stripe
“The new standard in online payments”
Arguably the software platform for operation of an internet business. Stripe handles billions of dollars anually for advanced-thinking across the globe. They are a technology company whose software makes it possible for people and businesses to recieve payment online. Stripe will provide the fraud prevention, technical, and banking infrastructure that is requires to run payment systems online.

6. Venmo
Completely mobile, Venmo is owned by PayPal.  Venmo allows its users to transfer funds using their mobile app.  Venmo has handled over $12 billion in transfers in the first quarter of 2018 alone.  Venmo is a very simple and very fast tool.  Where it may lack in high performance features like task management and invoicing, it makes up in speed and simplicity.

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