Learn How to Work Online - 6 Important things to MASTER if you want to make a career out of writing from home

6 Important things to MASTER if you want to make a career out of writing from home

It might be easy to assume that a remote/home-based writing career is a quick and cushy way of making money. But the truth is that success in this very competitive field involves some serious skill and creativity. If you want to get ahead as a home-based writer, make sure you master these six important tactics first.


Are you able to motivate yourself to get things done without someone checking up on you? Do you work best under a controlled environment or one free of management and instruction? If you’re able to govern your responsibilities without rules and restrictions, and can master the art of avoiding distraction, work-from-home writing can be a good option for you. If you have trouble battling distraction or maintaining your own schedule, this might not be the most productive work environment for your personality.

2. Stay organized

A good work-from-home writer is able to manage a variety of projects and tasks simultaneously, without losing control of the process. This requires strict organization and attention to detail.

3. Communication skills

Obviously, a good writer needs to be especially adept at written communication. Do you have a handle on how you’re coming across to your reader? Are you skilled at predicting what you’ll sound like to the person who will read what you’re writing? These are important skills to work on if you’re going to be effective at written communication.

It’s also vital to regularly seek valuable feedback. By asking peers and mentors to give input on your work, you’re able to see things objectively and constantly hone your craft.

4. High standards

A good writer never just “wings it” or “phones it in” when producing work. The type of creative person that succeeds in this field maintains a strict commitment to the highest quality product, time and time again. This will ensure that you’ll be recommended again and again, and solidify your chances of future success.

5. Don’t forget to be business-savvy

Freelancers have a responsibility to themselves to speak their own worth. If you don’t place value in your product, how will anyone else? Know your worth, and capitalize on it. Make sure you take every opportunity that’s available and ask for raises or overtime if you think you deserve it. Your product is valuable. Own that.

It’s also important to embrace self-marketing. Come up with creative ways to get your work in the hands of potential contractors, and keep up with your pricing and income. Treat your job as a real business, and soon it will become one.

6. Never give up

If you think success in work-from-home writing comes easily, think again. It takes lots of resilience, and you need to be immune to failure. You will get rejected. It will take a long time to achieve success if it happens at all. In order to make it in this field, writing needs to be your passion. Persevere relentlessly, and your chances of success will increase in tandem. Stay determined. Never give up.

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