About #LHTWO

Hi there!

Welcome to LearnHowToWorkOnline.com (#LHTWO) where you will learn exactly how to do just that. We believe the future of work is online and remote.

As long as you have a laptop (in some cases just a cell phone) with a decent internet connection, you can work wherever you like and be your most productive self. Whether that is in the comfort of your own home, or sipping lemonade on a beach in Southeast Asia? That’s up to you.

We are aware that there are a lot of resources out there that teach you how to work online. So, what makes us unique? First of all, we believe working online is for everyone. You don’t need to have a few thousand dollars of disposable income to afford an online course. We provide all the resources you need for free right here.

Whether you are ready to start a side hustle while working your day job, dive into working online full time, or just want to learn the basics of the “online world,” that’s what we’re here for! You don’t need to be a young millennial, aspiring “digital nomad,” who lives and breathes social media to be successful. We know the digital world is intimidating, that’s why we make sure our content is accessible to people of all “digital literacy” levels.

As a team of individuals who have successfully left their 9-5 jobs for a life of working online from wherever we want to be, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. We want to share with you the lessons we’ve learned along the way and help you learn how to work online!

Some examples of what you’ll find…

  • The Ins & Outs of Digital Marketing
  • Starting an Online Business
  • Creating Your Own Website & Building Your Personal Brand
  • Blogging & Content Creation
  • Freelancing
  • Finding Remote Work Opportunities
  • and so much more!

Happy learning!

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