How to Monetize Your Blog

How to Monetize Your Blog

Are you an avid blog reader? Do you follow many bloggers? If you are following a popular blog, chances are that you’ve come across a blog post or an about page where bloggers claim that blogging is their full-time job.

“HOW?!” was my reaction when I first learned that blogging could be a paid career. It sounds too good to be true that blogging, an activity that is a side hobby for many, is the only job some people have. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot of work to make it happen, but it is totally possible to turn your blog into both a passive and active money machine! Many people do it as their full-time job.

First off, the most important part of having a profitable blog is to have committed readers. Let me get this clear, having readers doesn’t mean you have 70K followers on Instagram, for all we know, 90% of those people could be bots. By “readers,” I mean that people who keep up with your blog, interact with you, and trust you as an authority on a particular topic. These are people who will read your blog even if social media suddenly disappeared. Real readers are invested in you and your thoughts and will keep coming back for more. Profitable blogs always have an e-mail list because that is the place to go if a reader is invested in you and your content.

After you’ve developed traffic with your blog and gained a dedicated readership, it’s time to start monetizing your blog and growing your traffic (and e-mail list subscribers).

Here are some of the main ways you can monetize your blog:


You can sell space on your blog to advertisers, like banner ads or sidebar ads. The two popular ads are CPC/PPC ads and CPM ads. CPC/PPC ads are usually placed on the banner and sidebar and you are paid each time someone clicks on the ad. CPM ads, on the other hand, are at a fixed rate and will pay you everytime a # of people have viewed your ad.

Many programs can help you automatically choose advertisements that are relevant to your blog and places it for you, meaning that you don’t need to contact advertisers and do it yourself. Google AdSense is a popular program many people use to get automatic ads to their website.

However, if you’re blog is gaining a lot of traffic, advertisers may come to you to have their ads placed on your platform, in which you can also monetize from selling private ad space.


Along the lines of selling private ad space, there are many ways you can deliver an ad or sponsored content. You can choose to display the sponsor’s information on a banner or sidebar advertisement, but you can also incorporate it as a link, review, or blog post. Usually, these types of sponsored content will show you a “Sponsored by” and the author will give a disclaimer that they are paid to be promoting such a product. The best part about sponsorships? You can decide your own rates and choose which brands and companies you want to work with. Sponsorships often go beyond a blog post and can take form in a social media post too, which is common on platforms like Instagram and Youtube.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best method of passive income for blogs. Affiliate marketing is when an advertiser wants you to promote a product for them, and for every sale that happens through your blog and content, you will get a commission for it. The way this works is that the advertiser will give you a unique code to track your links to their product, and when a reader clicks on it and purchases the product, the code they use will be tracked back to you.

There is an entire industry of people who dedicate their time to building niche blogs just to rank it on the first page of Google, fill it with affiliate links and make passive income from. Niche blog or not, as long as you have the traffic and readers who trust you, it is likely they will purchase from you. Many bloggers also offer a discount through their affiliate links which is a big benefit for the audience because discount codes for products are rare to come by unless you know where to get it from.

Online Courses

Online courses are another way to monetize your blog. It may start out being a more “active” way to make income because you have to create the course, market it, sell it, and make sure it’s of value. But once you’ve solidified those steps and are sure that it’s a good course that has demand, you can leave it to run on its own and start making income from it passively.

Making money from your blog isn’t that mysterious after all. It’s no wonder that so many bloggers can turn their hobby into their full-time job.





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