19 Must-have Tools For Every New Remote Worker

19 Must-have Tools For Every New Remote Worker

Team Chat

Far more than just a tool for chatting with it’s massive following. If you’re not hooked by the chatbots or hilarious gifs, the infinite variety or integrations that will cut way down on your emails absolutely will.

Another great product brought to by the people at Atlassian. If you are currently using Jira or any other Atlasian product, the addition of Hipchat to thing will streamline your entire process.

Meetings & Video Chat

Google Hangouts
Hangouts by Google is the go-to for video meetings. You can even launch a hangout right from Slack.

Zoom is a good alternative to Google Hangouts, it has the ability to facilitate more people in one meeting, giving you a larger range of functionality.

Youtube Live
If you need to broadcast training to you team or even record a quick video, this is the way to go. YouTube Live is Google Hangouts answer to a global broadcast scale.

This is a tremendous app for team calls as well as screen sharing. It has less lag and freezing so it’s a great app for spontaneous meetings.

Figureitout Chrome Extension
With a beautiful, colorful layout, this tool is one of my favorites. I am always aware of what time it is for anyone of my remote team members and makes scheduling meetings easy.

Project Management

Task management and project management flourish with Asana, which can functions well particularly for remote teams due to the saturation of options that are available to manage and keep track of tasks.

Float is one if the best apps for both project tracking and team resource tracking alike. It’s super simple and customizable depending on which client billing structure you are using. It’s really great for smaller teams.

JIRA is great for managing and allocative tasks between development and marketing teams. JIRA possesses a robust issue and project tracker. The next one the list is better if you’re starting with a smaller team.

Pivotal Tracker
A super easy to use and limber sprint tracker makes project management a breeze for clients. It’s common to use Pivotal at Funsize.


My personal to-do list application of choice, is manages to stay right between simple enough to use quickly but still possesses a plethora of customizable options.

iDoneThis is a great option for teams working remotely that want to keep up with others’ progress.

Dev and Design

The absolute best application for developers to host code online. So you’re not a developer? GitHub is definitely the primary site for a lot of companies’ wikis.

If you need to build and share prototypes, InVision is the best tool for your team. Collecting feedback is a snap with Contextual comments.

A cloud based development environment with its very own code Editor, not to mention an Ubunta workspace.

Available for desktop, tablet, and phone this app by Evernote makes it possible for remote teams to markup, annotate, and rapidly sketch ideas out. Having it on your phone and table makes it easy to use no matter where you are.

Cloud Storage & Collaboration

Google Drive
No introduction necessary, collaborate and store on docs, spreadsheets, presentations, and a lot more using your Google account.

For most design and dev teams that I have worked with, this is the cloud storage of choice. They also announced recently Paper, a different application that’s similar to Google Docs which allows real time collaboration.

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