Learn How to Work Online - Working online: a great why idea for everyone

Working online: 7 reasons why it’s a great idea for everyone

1. Minimal commuting time

Commuting is oven times unpleasant and stressful, it can also be a drain on time that would be spent doing something else productive or working. Any employee who is able to work from home will in return spent far less on gas and other public transport mean. This in return can create less of an incentive to require an increase in funds to pay for travel expenses.

2. Increased productivity

A lot of people that work at home claim that they have more productivity primarily due to not being in an environment where you can easily be distracted by coworkers.
Actually, a survey Conducted by Canada Life said that people who work at home have a 7.7/10 productivity ranking versus a 6.5/10 for people who work in an office.

The spokesperson representing Reed employment agency was quoted saying: “”There are some obvious advantages of working from home that you’ve probably heard before – avoid the nightmare commute, work in your PJs – but the benefits go beyond that.

Working from home can really help to increase your productivity, as the absence of office distractions makes it easier to keep your head down and actually get your work done.”

3. Fewer sick and

The survey also unsurprisingly found that people who work at home took less days off due to sickness than workers who are based in the office.
People working in offices to an average of 3.1 sick days last year, meanwhile people working at home took only 1.8 sick days.

It is due to the fact that employees that possess a cold or they are only mildly sick can still get all of their work done at home. Office workers, however, are more inclined to take an entire day off in an effort to avoid leaving the comforts of home.

Additionally, the improved life-work balance neas that workers are far less likely to become ill in the first place due to the fact that their stress levels are usually lower.

4. Employee retention is improved

Working from home is viewed as a very attractive work incentive, home working employees who have experienced it first hand are far less like to resign from a firm that does not offer working that is flexible.
EMEA economist at Golbal job sire Indeed, Mariano Mamertino said: “Flexibility is high up the wishlist for employees of all ages – from new parents who need to juggle work with childcare, to older workers.
“But younger workers in particular see it as essential. Digital natives often expect to be able to harness the flexibility that technology provides, to enable them to work whenever and wherever suits them.”

5. Unlimited pool of talent

Hiring employees who work from home allows you to choose the best candidates for the job, no matter where they are located. You can bring people on your team who might not live close enough to come into an office, or even ones who are disabled and can’t physically arrive at a workplace on a daily basis.

6. Flexible schedule to meet health/life demands

Hiring remote employees allows you to have a healthier workforce. Workers can attend medical appointments when necessary, and even take stretching breaks to reduce the damage that sedentary, desk-sitting work can cause after an extended period of time. This relieves your employees of a huge level of stress, which in turn makes for better workers–and higher-quality results from their work.

7. Expenses reduced dramatically

Another plus of hiring remotely is the amount of money you can save on office expenses. Without rent, bills, necessary technology and supply costs, you can really capitalize on your profit margins. This will increase your bottom line AND be more convenient for your employees. Everybody wins.

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