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Top Time Tracking Tools

We’ve already discussed the importance of tracking your time as a freelancer in this post. But what is the best way to track your time? The days of pen and paper tracking are over, because everything can be done online now. But hey, if pen and paper is the method you like best, you do you. Though we recommend you to not make that decision until you’ve tried at least one of these time tracking tools out.

We list here some of our favorite time tracking softwares and applications that can help you keep track of the time you put into clients and various projects. Some of them even help you track the time of your own employees and contractors.

Top Time Tracking Tools

1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time tracking software that you can download directly to your desktop and easily track your time as you begin and finish projects. You can add in different projects and manage your tasks easily. The paid version of Hubstaff even includes screenshots, app and internt monitoring, payroll system and many other uses sufficient for small to medium sized businesses.

But hey if you’re an individual freelancer on a budget, Hubstaff offers a free plan that covers the basics of time tracking.  The only issue with the free plan, is that Hubstaff makes it incredibly difficult for you to figure out how not to pay for their plan. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and dug up their how-to download the free plan.

Make sure to follow the instructions closely and soon you’ll be on your way to tracking your time for the various projects and clients you have!

2. My Hours

My Hours is a time tracker app for freelancers and teams. They are based on a freemium business model in which the user would have to pay for advanced features. They take pride in their service for being a fully functional service at no cost compared to many of their competitors’ who have free models that act more as a demo for a paid version and are more limited.

On the free version of My Hours, you can track unlimited amount of time, clients, projects/tasks, and more. A paid version would only add the features of the ability to track the time of an entire team, budgeting, bills, and have no advertisements.

3. Toggl

Toggl offers an easy to use platform with plenty of integrations for you if you decide to go with the paid version of their various plans. Reviewers have said that Toggl’s desktop app is great to use because it monitors the programs and websites you use throughout the period your timer is on. They offer a basic free plan and a pro plan for $9 a month.

These are three of our favorite time tracking tools. See Zapier’s list of The Best Time Tracking Apps for a more comprehensive list.

Now that you know some of the best time tracking apps, you should be well on your way to tracking your time!



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